Jack The Wombat is an early childhood literacy program designed to help your child to learn to read and write!  Check us out further at http://www.jackthewombat.com.au/about and http://www.facebook.com/jackthewombat

Spark Your Child’s Imagination

Jack is your child’s PERSONALISED cartoon pen pal that will fill your letterbox with fun and adventure TWICE A MONTH!

Postcards From Jack

Each month JACK will send your child two personalised postcards sharing his adventures (sent on the 1st and 16th of each month).  The postcards are bright, fun, and a great way to practise reading and the art of having a conversation.

Write To Jack

Each postcard JACK sends will also include a reply postcard.  The reply postcard is to encourage your little reader to practise their writing skills by writing back to JACK.  To add to the excitement, JACK will share the letters he receives on his social media.

Get Creative

Connect with us on instagram and facebook for a great range of early literacy activity ideas.  Each month we will post activity ideas that correlate with each postcard theme to further enhance your child's learning experience.

Want To Know More?

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Who Is Jack?

Get to know more about Jack and become his new BFF.

Our Postcards

Learn the ins and outs about how our pen pal program works.

Why We Created Jack

Discover our passion for early childhood literacy.

Promote Creativity

Unearth fun activities that build literacy skills.

Build Literacy Skills

Learn our tips and tricks for building literacy skills.

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