Learn more about me and my team

Who Am I

Well, I am glad you asked!  I am a wombat, adventurer, writer, and all round good guy!  I live in Perth, Australia. I love carrots, digging, adventures, and sending adventuregrams to all my little pen pal friends.

Why I Was Created

Early childhood literacy is a critical building block for everyday life!  I was created to help build solid literacy foundations, by making learning to read and write fun, inspiring, and engaging for your little ones.  

Build Brains

My program aims to encourage the development of brain architecture, in your little ones, to help build solid foundations for their future learnings, behaviour, and health.

Promote Creativity

Creativity is good for the soul! Given time, space, and removed from distractions, kids gravitate to creativity and creative thinking. I believe every child should able to let their minds roam free!

Reveal Passions

It’s through playful exploration that kids discover interests, passion, and talents. I want your kiddos to be happy and to figure out who they truly are and what they love to do.

Inspire Learning

Learning is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. My purpose is to enhance the lives of your little ones through providing experiences that inspire learning.

"Logic will take you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere."

– Einstein

"Reading stories sparks your child's imagination, stimulates curiosity, and helps with brain development."

– Raising Children Network

"Play is the most effective way for children to learn life skills and find out what they like."

– Sam Wang

Meet My Creator

Firstly, she is one pretty awesome lady with a wildly creative imagination…

Her name is Allison, and as a mumma, she also wants to ensure that her child’s childhood is full of play, adventure, imagination, and inspired learning.

As a little kiddo herself, Allison was fortunate enough to have a bunch of pen pals from around the world.  She absolutely loved checking the letter box to get a letter and reading about all the different adventures her little pen pal friends were having.  She couldn’t wait to write back!

Reflecting back on her own childhood, she thought how awesome would it be to revitalise the old school pen pal in a safe and trusted enviroment…because no child should miss out on the joy of recieving a letter in the mail.  From there the idea for me (Jack the Wombat) was born!