Ages 5+ years old

Jack the Wombat

My Favourite Pre-Primary Activities

Help your child to make their mark with these wonderful activities that help develop literacy skills, problem solving, self-confidence, creativity, and more.

Word Family Flower

This fun activity is a great way to teach your child about word families.  The flower design is super versatile. It could easily be used for a range activities from math to literacy and even crafts for Mother’s Day.

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Tic-Tac Toe

There is so much to learn from a strategic game of tic-tac-toe. We love this version, as it also helps to reinforce essential literacy skills. Win Win!  You can use colours, letters, sight words, and even numbers to play.

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Rhyming Peg Board

This rhyming activity uses the novelty of rubber bands to keep kids interested. The rubber bands and pegs are great because they take a lot of patience and fine motor skill to carefully place them on the correct pegs.

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Water Balloon Words

This is the perfect summer time activity that the kids will love.  Practise reading sight words written on the water balloons, then take aim at one of the hoops.  As a plus they will also be working on their gross motor skills.

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Story Retelling

Story telling plays an important role in early literacy.  This ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’ activity is a great way to encourage your kids to retell the story in their own words.  You can even hang it on the wall when they are done.

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Speed Racer

A two for one activity these awesome DIY word cards can be used to play sight word dominos and a speed race game.  As a big plus you don’t need any fancy materials to make them, just card, scissors, and a marker.

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Memory Game

A simple way to practise sight words, spelling words, word families, magic e words, pictures, upper and lower case letters, and more. It works like a normal memory game and uses the fun shapes made from egg cartons.

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Sentence Building

Lego blocks are not only fun to build with, but they are perfect for hands-on learning that your child will love.  This learning with Legos sentence building activity is perfect for teaching children about sentence structure.

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Story Telling Dice

We love using printable story telling dice. Use the free template to create your very own tall tales. This is a great game to play with your family, perfect for rainy days, imaginative play and travelling too.

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Activity Cube

So this might not be exactly literacy related. However, we love seeing kids getting outside and playing, and with all their energy you might too.  This activity can easily be adapted into a giant story telling dice too.

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