Ages 3-5 year old

Our Favourites Activities

My Favourite Preschooler Activities

Help your child to make their mark with these wonderful activities that help develop literacy skills, problem solving, self-confidence, creativity, and more.

Story Stones

Story stones are a prompt used to create stories and provide endless possibilities for creative play.  Playing with Story Stones allows the opportunity for imaginary play & language development through narrating a story.

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Scavenger Hunt

This letter scavenger hunt is a fun way to create an adventure and help to develop phonological awareness.  It helps build an understanding that every letter has a sound and the ability to identify those sounds in a word.

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Lego Word Family

Who doesn’t love lego. This lego word family sort activitiy is hands on and allows kids to make their own phonics generalisations.  Phonics generalisations help spellers take what they learn and apply it to their own spellings.

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DYI Dominos

Make your own dominos with paddle pop sticks and washi tape. This activity is super veratile and fun. Kids can match the colours, create letters, and even shapes. Perfect for both toddlers and  preschoolers.

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Letter Tracing

When children are learning to write, they need plenty of opportunities to practice letter formation and pencil grip.  This cotton swap letter tracing activity is quick and easy to set up and provides lots of educational fun.

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Magnetic Letters

We are a huge fan of activities that are versatile and this magnetic word building activity definitely ticks that box.  It is also super simple to create and loads of fun.  All you need is a metal cooking tray and magnetic letters.

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Playdough Mats

Playdough mats are a fantastic way to help your child learn to spell their name or to practise sight words, letters, shapes, numbers, and so much more.  Best of all, this activity can be done with minimal supervison.

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ABC Pretzels

Have fun in the kitchen with an easy pretzel recipe. Let your kids create letters, numbers, and shapes with the dough.  This is a great activity to review letters, numbers, and shapes that they have learned in the past.
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Mirror Play

A mirror is a wonderful surface for a child to play on.  It’s fascinating to see the reflection and the under-side of the objects you’re playing with.  Great for a range of ages, this activity can be changed to suit your child’s needs.

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Flower Art

This a fabulous open ended activity that lets kids create, explore, and discover whilst making their tissue paper flower art.  It’s also great for kids of all abilities. Everybody is successful, which is our kind of project.

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